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LU-64989-A1: patent, LU-65094-A1: patent, LU-65503-A1: patent, LU-65625-A1: patent, LU-66898-A1: patent, LU-69542-A1: patent, LU-70008-A1: patent, LU-70259-A1: patent, LU-70409-A1: patent, LU-70486-A1: patent, LU-70606-A1: patent, LU-71080-A1: patent, LU-71790-A1: patent, LU-72004-A1: patent, LU-72392-A1: patent, LU-72971-A1: patent, LU-73302-A1: patent, LU-73728-A1: patent, LU-74773-A1: patent, LU-75567-A1: patent, LU-76355-A1: patent, LU-76460-A1: patent, LU-77653-A1: patent, LU-79288-A1: Eindecksystem fuer solarkollektoren patent, LU-79552-A1: Table demontable patent, LU-80930-A1: Procede perfectionne de fabrication d'une barre d'acier par coulee continue patent, LU-81893-A1: Appareil de chauffage de liquide patent, LU-82072-A1: Procede de granulation de la trans-d1-1-hydroxy-3-(1',1'-dimethylheptyl)-6,6-dimethyl-6a,7,8,9,10,10a-hexahydrobenzo(b,d)pyran-9-one(nabilone) patent, LU-82075-A1: Element de chauffage electrique patent, LU-83035-A1: Procede et dispositif pour la determination locale du pouvoir reducteur des gaz degages au niveau superieur de la charge de fours industriels patent, LU-83640-A1: Briefkarte und zugehoeriger umschlag patent, LU-85549-A1: Compositions cosmetiques a base de silicone cationique et de gomme de xanthane patent, LU-85587-A1: Vorrichtung zum heben von briefklappen patent, LU-86509-A1: Aciers pour laminage de bandes a basse temperature patent, LU-86999-A1: Nouveaux derives phosphoryles du glucopyranose,leur preparation et leur utilisation comme medicaments patent, LU-87009-A1: Compositions pharmaceutiques a liberation prolongee patent, LU-87433-A1: Procede pour l'execution de travaux d'entretien patent, LU-87850-A1: Akustische kammer fuer die aerosolbehandlung von abgasen patent, LU-90016-A1: Bouchon à bande d'inviolabilité patent, NL-1001228-A1: Vouwbare meercellenconstructie. patent, NL-1001616-A1: Kaartslot voor een installatietoestel voor bescherming tegen het onbevoegd gebruik ervan. patent, NL-1004244-A1: Klokthermostaat met éénpunts-schakelklok, timer-functie, LED indicatie en temperatuur-voorkeurtoetsen. patent, NL-1004745-A1: Inrichting voor het legeren van paren veerlatten van een frame van een bed. patent, NL-1009107-A1: Gelatine-uitspreidende doos met meervoudige, aanpasbare poortklep en meerlagig zacht gel. patent, NL-1015175-A1: Lamp en lampvoetsamenstel. patent, NL-1015371-A1: Zweetband met koel-functie. patent, NL-1021320-A1: Werkwijze voor het omzetten van synthesegas in koolwaterstofhoudende producten. patent, NL-1023059-A1: Halskoord van draagbaar apparaat. patent, NL-1027613-A1: Geheugenmodule. patent, NL-1029455-A1: Wateroverlastbestrijding. patent, NL-1031359-A1: Werkwijzen en systemen voor het bewaken van tumorbelasting. patent, NL-1032509-A1: Systeem en werkwijze voor het voortbrengen van bundels van licht met behulp van een anisotrope akoesto-optische modulator. patent, NL-2002469-A1: Environmentally improved motor fuels. patent, NL-2012354-A1: patent, NL-2012385-A1: patent, RU-1827674-A1: patent, US-2001000857-A1: Strings for musical instruments patent, US-2001000903-A1: Surgical anastomosis apparatus and method thereof patent, US-2001001534-A1: Method and apparatus for modifying limit and protection software in a synchronous generator exciter to match the capability of the turbine-generator patent, US-2001002131-A1: Hybrid subdivision in computer graphics patent, US-2001002400-A1: Methods and materials for treating and preventing inflammation of mucosal tissue patent, US-2001002891-A1: Method and apparatus to automatically heat and froth milk for beverages patent, US-2001004316-A1: Electronic enclosure with improved environmental protection patent, US-2001004430-A1: Direct-feed type writing implement patent, US-2001004626-A1: Silicoaluminophosphates having an ael structure, a method for their preparation and their use as naphtha cracking catalysts patent, US-2001006102-A1: Shell and tube type heat exchanger patent, US-2001006635-A1: Use of heparinase to decrease inflammatory responses patent, US-2001007846-A1: Circular-shaped metal structure, method of fabricating the same, and apparatus for fabricating the same patent, US-2001009043-A1: Support pillow patent, US-2001009297-A1: Bonding pad on a semiconductor chip patent, US-2001009393-A1: Anisotropically electroconductive adhesive and a ladder filter using the same patent, US-2001010538-A1: Oral cavity image pickup apparatus patent, US-2001010998-A1: Guidewire position locator patent, US-2001011821-A1: In-mold expanded content label and method for applying same patent, US-2001012365-A1: Method, encoding apparatus and decoding apparatus for protecting a data stream using encryption or for decoding a protected data stream using decryption patent, US-2001012414-A1: Thermoplastic bag with offset fastener patent, US-2001013015-A1: System permitting the display of video or still image content on selected displays of an electronic display network according to customer dictates patent, US-2001013265-A1: Method of producing press-forming punch and die patent, US-2001013403-A1: Injection control method and device of die-casting machine patent, US-2001013981-A1: Vehicle exterior rear view mirror patent, US-2001014799-A1: Intravascular systems for corporeal cooling patent, US-2001014896-A1: System for automatically printing the same titles with accurate margins on both halves of tab inserts and the like patent, US-2001015037-A1: Multi-sheet glazing unit having a single spacer frame and method of making same patent, US-2001016190-A1: Water -soluble antibacterial polymer and liquid formulation comprising it for contact lenses patent, US-2001016215-A1: Capsicum lachrymator patent, US-2001016403-A1: Semiconductor substrate with semi-insulating polysilicon gettering site layer and process of fabrication thereof patent, US-2001017235-A1: Elevator control apparatus patent, US-2001017914-A1: System and method for automatically delivering messages to a telecommunications device patent, US-2001018218-A1: Process and device of elemental analysis patent, US-2001018890-A1: Method of highly purifying Si surface and a atomically flattening method for an Si surface patent, US-2001019204-A1: Air bag module with externally located drive mechanism for the deployment opening cover assembly patent, US-2001019780-A1: Metal foil with carrier and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2001020231-A1: Marketing System and Method patent, US-2001021178-A1: Filtering method to allow FDD and TDD operation in PCS transreceivers patent, US-2001022186-A1: Method of removing particles and a liquid from a surface of substrate patent, US-2001024643-A1: Process for the solvent extraction of active compounds from chicory patent, US-2001025083-A1: Hot-melt adhesive composition patent, US-2001025603-A1: Part painting method and apparatus patent, US-2001025657-A1: Apparatus for visually checking the operational status of a stop valve, and a manual opening apparatus for a normally-closed valve patent, US-2001025994-A1: Process for producing semiconductor device and semiconductor device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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